"Visibility Code" Game

– Find the tool to develop/improve your publicity with ease

– Get the kick up the rear to achieve results

– Step out of the shade and put yourself out there

– Craft several safe ways to become visible

– Understand specific tools to increase your income, awareness and standard of living

Main game task: Collect resources - coins

To finish the game collect all 5 coins or reach the highest level – social capital

No losers or winners

You play for yourself.

Your growth.

Your development.

The balance principle - 3 leasures per day // joys of the day.

Relax and relish all 3 joys in the the process: game, personal growth and communication with like-minded people.

Game is for 4-8 players

Due to its flexible nature, the game is ideal for regular transformations. The more you play, the clearer and more enjoyable the routes to your own desires in the real life

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